Author: Ron Martinelli

This was an exciting read with an authentic look at homicide investigations. The story is about a sophisticated serial killer targeting women in Nashville TN. Hunter Justus TN state criminal investigator is involved in the case and at some point consult’s with his father a retired Texas Ranger with a stellar reputation for solving complicated cases. Together they work on the case. I enjoyed the book and couldn’t put it down until I finished it. It was a stay up late night type of read. I thoroughly recommend this book. I immediately purchased his other two books in the “Justus Wade series. “Justice for all” and “Border Justice”. Each of the books followed a different story line and yet were connected to each other. All were great reads, very entertaining with satisfying outcomes in the arena of international terrorisms and Southerner border “NARCO Terrorisms”. These books illustrate the issues we face in the world today.