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Absolute Justus

A Texas Ranger Series Book 1

Retirement didn’t mean the end of adventure for Wade Justus, a retired Texas Ranger with a lifetime of experience in law enforcement. He had moved on to a new passion – ranching and bucking bulls in the serene hills of Texas. Yet, he couldn’t shake off the ghosts of a tragic officer-involved shooting that kept him up at night.

But fate had other plans for Wade. When his son Hunter, a Special Agent with Tennessee Bureau of Investigations, calls for help in solving a baffling case of serial killings in Nashville, Wade’s peaceful transition back to civilian life is rudely interrupted. With the quest for justice burning in his veins, Wade joins the hunt, unleashing his formidable skills and unwavering determination – for nothing less
than Absolute Justus.

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Justus for All

A Texas Ranger Series Book 2

After years of leading a peaceful life on his bucking bull ranch in the Texas Hill Country, retired Texas Ranger Wade Justus embarks on a journey of a lifetime with his son, Special Agent Hunter Justus of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. The trip to Florence, Italy is not just an opportunity for Hunter to introduce Wade to the love of his life, Carabinieri Investigatore, Lida Aldobrandini, but also a chance for the duo to unwind and explore the breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany.

However, fate has other plans as the men soon find themselves caught in the crosshairs of an international terrorism conspiracy. As they navigate the treacherous streets of Florence and the picturesque countryside of Tuscany, Wade and Hunter must rely on their training and experience to uncover the truth behind the deadly plot.

Prepare to be swept away on a heart-pounding journey of danger and suspense in the latest addition to the Texas Ranger Wade Justus series – Justus for All.

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Border Justus

A Texas Ranger Series Book 3

After a grueling battle with a Syrian terrorist cell and its notorious leader, Jamal “The Jackal,” retired Texas Ranger Wade Justus has finally returned to his beloved cattle ranch in the serene Texas Hill Country. He looks forward to some well-deserved rest and relaxation, but fate has other plans in store for him.

A distressing call from his old Texas Ranger partner and mentor shatters Wade’s peaceful respite. The partner’s deputy sheriff son has been abducted by the ruthless Tres Paises drug cartel, which operates between Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico. Wade’s expertise and bravery are urgently needed, and he cannot refuse his friend’s plea for help.

Join Wade Justus on his next thrilling adventure as he once again steps up to serve justice in the face of danger. Border Justus promises to be a hair-raising and action-packed tale of courage and determination.

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Force Of Justus

A Texas Ranger Series Book 4

After recuperating from his violent encounter with the Tres Paises drug cartel, retired Texas Ranger Wade Justus returns to Italy to lecture to Italian Carabinieri police on his previous investigation of the Syrian terrorist cell who attempted to assassinate the Italian President.

Wade invites son TBI Special Agent Hunter and his new companion, pathologist Dr. Dakota Shannon to accompany him. Little do the trio know that they are being stalked by Syrian terrorist and international drug smuggler Khaled Sayf and his Verona cell to avenge the fall of the Florence terrorist cell the previous year. Sayf has devised a diabolical plot to kill the Italian President, Wade and thousands of Italians with a unique mass casualty weapons system.

The deadly puzzle Wade and Company must solve before it’s too late is where, when and how? Join Wade & Hunter Justus, the beautiful, but lethal Carabinieri ROS Investigatore Lida Aldobrandini and a host of exciting new characters as Wade proceeds on his course for justice – Force of Justus!

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Meet the Author

Ron Martinelli

Ron Martinelli, PhD, is a distinguished retired San Jose, California police detective who has dedicated his life to serving the public and advancing the field of forensic criminology.

With over four decades of experience in law enforcement and death investigation, he is a nationally recognized expert in his field and leads the country’s only multidisciplinary Forensic Death Investigations Team.

Throughout his illustrious career, Ron has worked on some of the most high-profile cases in the country and has garnered an unparalleled level of expertise and respect within the legal, forensic, and law enforcement communities.

Despite his busy schedule, Ron and his wife Linda have managed to create a peaceful oasis for themselves on a ranch in the scenic Texas Hill Country. Their love of adventure and travel has taken them all over the world, providing Ron with a wealth of life experiences and inspiration for his writing.

A prolific author and a beloved figure in the law enforcement and forensic community, Ron has now turned his hand to fiction writing with his debut book series. With his unparalleled knowledge of crime and the criminal mind, readers can expect a thrilling and authentic journey into the world of crime and justice in the pages of Ron Martinelli’s books.

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The verdict is in - Wade Justus is a hit with readers

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Chillingly accurate in its descriptions: Real crime, real police work. A great introduction to retired Texas Ranger Wade Justus, the reader is part of the team as they hunt for a serial killer in Nashville.

TEU Criminalist

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Set aside your entire day because you won’t be able to put this book down! Ron Martinelli has created a modern day “Walker, Texas Ranger.” Ranger Wade Justus retires after a great career and we find him enjoying life on his ranch. The reader is given a glimpse of his past life and then it is on to new adventures. He visits his son, who is an active law enforcement officer, and the hunt is on for a serial killer. If you are in law enforcement, this book is technically accurate and takes you through the twists and turns of a serial homicide case. You actually feel like you’re in Nashville working a murder case. Should be a movie. Five thumbs up!

BP Retired Homicide Detective

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Jack Reacher, stand back cause a real investigator Texas Ranger Wade Justus is “on the job” in this excellent and highly accurate introduction to retired detective and CSI expert Ron Martinelli’s new fiction series “Wade Justus Texas Ranger.” Ron puts you square in the middle of downtown Nashville’s entertainment zone hunting down a very intelligent and violent serial killer. The reader is sucked up in the drama, with Wade, his son TBI Special Agent Hunter, the TBI Forensics Unit and members of the Metro Nashville Homicide Unit work against the clock to bring the killer to justice. This is real, no “BS” police work. You are at TBI working the evidence; in the Homicide Unit conference room; in the M.E’s lab, and with the special units all through the book. One hell of a chilling, thrilling, door-kicking ride! 5-Stars!

D.K, Ret. CSI Supervisor

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This was an exciting read with an authentic look at homicide investigations. The story is a about a sophisticated serial killer targeting women in Nashville TN. Hunter Justus TN state criminal investigator is involved in the case and at some point consult's with his father a retire Texas Ranger with a Steller reputation for solving complicated case. Together they work on the case. I enjoyed the book and couldn't put it down it until I finished it. It was a stay up late night type of read. I thoroughly recommend this book.

Gunner89 USA

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The difference between this book and most others in the genre is that the author tells the story as somebody who has spent a career in law enforcement starting on patrol, then in the vice unit, and later as a criminologist specializing in "use of force" cases involving police officers. I know this because Martinelli was the inspiration for my book UNDER COVER, published by Simon & Schuster/Pocketbooks long ago (and now out of print). Martinelli's adventures on the Street Crimes unit were full of surprises, bloodshed, cop humor, and lessons learned. Since his time in the...

Hans Halberstadt San Jose, CA USA

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Who is Wade Justus Series for?

Crime Thriller Enthusiasts

The series also appeals to fans of crime thrillers, with its intricate plotlines, high-stakes investigations, and intense showdowns between law enforcement and criminals. Readers who enjoy the suspense and intrigue of crime fiction will be drawn to Wade Justus' high-stakes adventures.

Mystery Readers

The series includes plenty of twists, turns, and puzzles that keep readers guessing until the very end. Wade Justus uses his wits, instincts, and expertise to unravel complex mysteries and uncover the truth, making the series a must-read for fans of the mystery genre.

Texas Natives and

Set in the Lone Star State, the Wade Justus book series offers a unique and authentic perspective on Texas culture, history, and landscapes. Texas natives and enthusiasts will appreciate the series' attention to detail and its vivid portrayal of the state's rich heritage.

Law Enforcement Personnel
and Supporters

As a retired Texas Ranger, Wade Justus embodies the values and skills of law enforcement personnel. The series is an excellent choice for current and former law enforcement professionals, as well as supporters of law enforcement who want to learn more about the daily struggles and triumphs of those who serve and protect.

Adventure Readers

The Wade Justus book series is packed with action, danger, and adventure. Readers who enjoy thrilling tales of heroism and daring exploits will be captivated by Wade's quest for justice and the wild frontier world he inhabits.

Fans of Action Novels

Fans of Action Novels are sure to love the Wade Justus book series, as it delivers non-stop thrills, intense action, and gripping suspense. With its vividly-drawn characters, rich historical setting, and high stakes, the series is a must-read for anyone who loves to be swept away by fast-paced, heart-pumping adventures.

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