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janet USA

This book was an absolute joy to read. It puts you right in the heart of Italy. It’s a complete page turner. It is so hard to put down because you feel as if you’re involved with the cases. Loved it!!!

Hmbval Santa Rosa, Ca

This book had a great plot and was well written. Would make a good movie thriller and filmed in Florence- what could be better.

jo.b Arizona

A gripping read from start to finish. Interesting read knowing the author has true life knowledge and experience of the subject.

Hmbval Santa Rosa, Ca

Want to know what is really going on at the border? Cartels, drug smuggling, open borders, corruption- it is all in this book. If nothing changes we will continue to lose 100,000 people a year to Fentanyl and the cartels will take over the border and finance corruption. Well-written page turner.

Johnny 5 Oakland, CA

I loved Border Justus. It has everything readers will enjoy, from action packed adventure, to political intrigue that the author skillfully weaves from today’s real life headlines. Retired Texas Ranger, Wade Justus, is called upon yet again to save the day, as he and his friends take on the Mexican transnational drug cartels who are wreaking such havoc and destruction in America today. Looking forward to the next Wade Justus book, as heroism never gets old.

R. Jons Texas

Third in a series, Border Justus has it all: Corruption, graft, drug smuggling, and murder, along with honor, loyalty, and a sense of duty. As the pace quickens, it is a page burner as law enforcement officers battle the Cartels in a seemingly unwinnable war. Look for this series to be a movie soon.

Grady Harp Los Angeles, CA United States

Texas author Ron Martinelli, PhD has served in a highly regard career as a police officer, investigator, director of Criminal Justice Training Center, educator, leader of the Forensic Death Investigations Team, and continues this Texas Ranger Wade Justus Series with BORDER JUSTUS. He is highly qualified to write about the Border problems along the Texas and New Mexico borders with Mexico, and brings the realities into focus of immigration, crime, drug cartels and other clashes so present in the media today. He invites understanding between law enforcement and criminal elements by creating his fine lead character, Texas Ranger Wade Justus, to investigate the kidnapping of a colleague’s deputy sheriff son by the drug cartel and in doing so he creates a polished story full of credible characters. The pace of the story is bullet-fast and once again the author proves his merit as a skillful craftsman. Very contemporary in impact!

S. J. Main Canada/America

Border Justus’ is a Western fiction story. I wasn’t a big fan of the book cover, but altogether the story was interesting and intriguing to read. The pace of the story was fast, and the descriptive tale of events was eventful. I recommend this book.

Hassan USA

Border Justus: A Texas Ranger Wade Justus Series – Book 3 by Ron Martinelli is an absolute thriller. The story is filled with action, adventure, crime, and engaging dialogues which keeps the readers attached from the beginning to the end. The author’s compelling writing makes this a perfect page turner. The characters are equally well-written and interesting. I definitely look forward to a movie based on this series.
Fans of action, thriller, and adventure genres are going to love this book.

Lynn Lang USA

This book was a complete page turner. I could not put it down. So many details were provided making the book a must read.

J Armstrong Denton, TX

Wade Justus is a retired Texas Ranger and is looking forward to a quiet life on his ranch in the Texas Hill Country. He is thwarted however by a phone call from his partner asking his assistance with a kidnapping case that involves a dangerous drug cartel. This book is third in a series, and the action is thrilling, and there is a lot of vicious villains to fight against. Wade is a great Main character, he is fleshed out, nuanced, and intelligent enough to solve the issues. This is my first book by this author but I was very impressed by this book, and while it is very long, it was also very engaging which made for a pleasant read.


Former Texas Ranger Wade Justus was ready to enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation after tracking down one of the most ruthless radical ISIS killers, when suddenly his partner called in a favor he could not refuse.

Ron Martinelli’s third installment of the Texas Ranger Wade Justus series, Border Justus: A Texas Ranger Wade Justus Series, takes readers on an explosive thrill ride as Justus takes on an assignment that could be the greatest challenge of his career.

Border Justus is a well crafted page turner, with vivid descriptions and intense character development that allows the readers to fully immerse themselves in the story. Martinelli’s engaging narrative and spot on dialogue keeps readers engaged throughout the entire journey, as tensions rise and the stakes become ever higher for Justus.

Border Justus is an edge-of-your-seat adventure, sure to keep readers hooked and turning the pages until the very end.

D.B Retired Police Detective, CA

Author Ron Martinelli, America’s new “Joe Wambaugh” of law enforcement mystery action thrillers, has hit it out of the park with his newest novel on the Wade Justus Texas Ranger series, “Border Justus.” This is Ron’s newest novel about retired Texas Ranger Wade Justus and so far his best one yet as he cleverly takes you into the “belly of the beast” of Mexican transnational drug and human smuggling cartels. The accuracy and realism of Ron’s fictional storylines speaks columns about Ron’s decades of experience as a retired police detective and now a well known forensic criminologist. This accurate portrayal of the deadly cartels woven into a believable fictional story involving Wade and a whole host of new and intriguing support characters is so exciting and action-packed that I couldn’t put it down. Kudos, Ron. I’m ready for my next Wade Justus ride!

Gunner88 USA

This was an exciting read with an authentic look at homicide investigations. The story is about a sophisticated serial killer targeting women in Nashville TN. Hunter Justus TN state criminal investigator is involved in the case and at some point consult’s with his father a retired Texas Ranger with a stellar reputation for solving complicated cases. Together they work on the case. I enjoyed the book and couldn’t put it down until I finished it. It was a stay up late night type of read. I thoroughly recommend this book. I immediately purchased his other two books in the “Justus Wade series. “Justice for all” and “Border Justice”. Each of the books followed a different story line and yet were connected to each other. All were great reads, very entertaining with satisfying outcomes in the arena of international terrorisms and Southerner border “NARCO Terrorisms”. These books illustrate the issues we face in the world today.

Hans Halberstadt San Jose, CA USA

The difference between this book and most others in the genre is that the author tells the story as somebody who has spent a career in law enforcement starting on patrol, then in the vice unit, and later as a criminologist specializing in “use of force” cases involving police officers. I know this because Martinelli was the inspiration for my book UNDER COVER, published by Simon & Schuster/Pocketbooks long ago (and now out of print). Martinelli’s adventures on the Street Crimes unit were full of surprises, bloodshed, cop humor, and lessons learned. Since his time in the

D.K. Ret. CSI Supervisor

Jack Reacher, stand back cause a real investigator Texas Ranger Wade Justus is “on the job” in this excellent and highly accurate introduction to retired detective and CSI expert Ron Martinelli’s new fiction series “Wade Justus Texas Ranger.” Ron puts you square in the middle of downtown Nashville’s entertainment zone hunting down a very intelligent and violent serial killer. The reader is sucked up in the drama, with Wade, his son TBI Special Agent Hunter, the TBI Forensics Unit and members of the Metro Nashville Homicide Unit work against the clock to bring the killer to justice. This is real, no “BS” police work. You are at TBI working the evidence; in the Homicide Unit conference room; in the M.E’s lab, and with the special units all through the book. One hell of a chilling, thrilling, door-kicking ride! 5-Stars!

BP Retired Homicide Detective

“Set aside your entire day because you won’t be able to put this book down! Ron Martinelli has created a modern day “Walker, Texas Ranger.” Ranger Wade Justus retires after a great career and we find him enjoying life on his ranch. The reader is given a glimpse of his past life and then it is on to new adventures. He visits his son, who is an active law enforcement officer, and the hunt is on for a serial killer. If you are in law enforcement, this book is technically accurate and takes you through the twists and turns of a serial homicide case. You actually feel like you’re in Nashville working a murder case. Should be a movie. Five thumbs up!”

TEU Criminalist

“Chillingly accurate in its descriptions: Real crime, real police work. A great introduction to retired Texas Ranger Wade Justus, the reader is part of the team as they hunt for a serial killer in Nashville.”