The Wade Justus Series

  • Author Ron Martinelli
  • Format Soft Cover
  • Pages 363
  • Dimensions 6 x 0.82 x 9 inches
  • Language English

Absolute Justus

A Texas Ranger Series Book 1

A lot of folks know the name Ron Martinelli. Ron is a retired California police detective and the criminologist PhD owner-operator of Martinelli & Associates, a forensic consulting firm based out of Boerne, Texas. However, his name might soon become known more as a renowned novelist rather than as a police expert.

Absolute Justus is Ron’s first foray into the world of ficton writing. And with Absolute Justus Martinelli has hit a home run. At the risk of appearing bias, I have known Ron for more than a few years. We’ve worked together as police experts on a number of cases.

At 363 pages in the soft cover version, this is no afternoon read. However, upon starting it one morning, it was well into the evening when I finally put this page-turner down. For those in the law enforcement community, you’ll find this great read most compelling. For those not so engaged in the police culture, some might feel this book is too violent. However, in the world both Ron and I worked in, Ron being a retired detective from the Bay Area of northern California and myself a retired lieutenant from upstate New York, violence was a part of our jobs. But no doubt about it, some of the scenes described in Absolute Justus are extremely graphic.

Ron’s main character retired Texas Ranger Wade Justus, who’s indeed a noble man. Several years after the on-duty murder (during which Wade was present) of his beloved wife, Helen, who was a sergeant with a neighboring TX police department, he became involved in a series of violent sexual homicides dubbed the Sleeping Beauty Murders, occurring in Nashville, Tennessee. Wade volunteered to work on the case after his son, Hunter, a Special Agent with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations is put out of commission after being attacked and injured while investigating one of the incidents. Wade, a pro bono consultant to the Metro Nashville PD, eventually becomes a captive of the deranged assailant.

Without disclosing the climatic end to this excellent novel, I can attest to the range of emotions the reader will undoubtedly experience; from the professed love between Wade and Helen, Wade’s rage over the violence demonstrated by the demented suspect, up through the pride Wade feels for his son, Hunter. This book will undoubtedly move you.

Martinelli is a very gifted writer and destined to join the list of other novelists in the police genre a la, James Patterson, David Baldacci and Michael Connelly. This page turner will be difficult to put down. I’m eagerly awaiting Justus for All, Ron’s second book in the Wade Justus series.

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TEU - Criminalist

“Chillingly accurate in its descriptions: Real crime, real police work. A great introduction to retired Texas Ranger Wade Justus, the reader is part of the team as they hunt for a serial killer in Nashville.”

BP - Retired Homicide Detective

“Set aside your entire day because you won’t be able to put this book down! Ron Martinelli has created a modern day “Walker, Texas Ranger.” Ranger Wade Justus retires after a great career and we find him enjoying life on his ranch. The reader is given a glimpse of his past life and then it is on to new adventures. He visits his son, who is an active law enforcement officer, and the hunt is on for a serial killer. If you are in law enforcement, this book is technically accurate and takes you through the twists and turns of a serial homicide case. You actually feel like you’re in Nashville working a murder case. Should be a movie. Five thumbs up!”

D.K. - Ret. CSI Supervisor

Jack Reacher, stand back cause a real investigator Texas Ranger Wade Justus is “on the job” in this excellent and highly accurate introduction to retired detective and CSI expert Ron Martinelli’s new fiction series “Wade Justus Texas Ranger.” Ron puts you square in the middle of downtown Nashville’s entertainment zone hunting down a very intelligent and violent serial killer. The reader is sucked up in the drama, with Wade, his son TBI Special Agent Hunter, the TBI Forensics Unit and members of the Metro Nashville Homicide Unit work against the clock to bring the killer to justice. This is real, no “BS” police work. You are at TBI working the evidence; in the Homicide Unit conference room; in the M.E’s lab, and with the special units all through the book. One hell of a chilling, thrilling, door-kicking ride! 5-Stars!

View the sites in Nashville, TN that inspired the scenes and locations in Absolute Justus. Pictures include the alley where the shootout takes place, inside the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations and the Metro PD crime lab, and the local nightclubs. All pictures taken on location by author, Ron Martinelli.

  • Author Ron Martinelli
  • Format Soft Cover
  • Pages 337
  • Dimensions 6 x 0.82 x 9 inches
  • Language English

Justus for All

A Texas Ranger Series Book 2

To borrow a baseball analogy, Ron Martinelli is now “2 for 2.” This second Wade Justus book, Justus for All, went considerably faster for me than his first novel, Absolute Justus. Maybe that’s because I just couldn’t put the darn thing down, or perhaps it’s because I knew the two main characters from the first book. So, for a little lost sleep, I fished this fast-paced novel in one beach read. But even if you’ve never read Absolute Justus, the character development in this second work is excellent. The scene is Florence, Italy.

I’m of Italian descent and a past visitor to the “old country.” While my grandparents were from the southern part of Italy, mainly Sorrento and the Naples region, I’ve spent some time in central Italy, the city of Florence and the Tuscany region where Justus for All is set.

In this second novel, retired Texas Ranger Wade Justus and his son, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agent Hunter, have embarked on a well deserved vacation to Italy. Recovering emotionally and physically from a horrible serial sexual murder investigation that took place months earlier in Nashville, Wade and Hunter have settled in with the family of an Italian police officer friend of Hunter, Investigator Lida Aldobrandini.

Even if you’re not into novels with a foreign setting, this thriller could’ve been set in Cleveland, Newark, or LA. This page-turner takes place over a seven day period and involves Wade and Hunter’s participation in a Middle Eastern terrorist threat bent murdering the President of Italy who’s visiting the city of Florence. That’s just the first two chapters. Mingled in with the sights around Florence, the novel’s main theme revolves around the working relationship between Wade and Investigator Aldobrandini after Hunter is wounded.

This piece reads like a movie script; fast-paced, filled with cop intrigue and the extremely accurate investigative techniques so familiar to us in the law enforcement industry. However, even those not ingrained in the police culture won’t be able to put this thriller down. I’m tempted to divulge more of what happens in this book, but I don’t want to spoil it for the reader who picks up Ron’s second Wade Justus novel. However, when you mix one retired Texas Ranger, a TBI special agent, add in a beautiful kick-ass female Italian police officer, and throw it several Middle Eastern terrorists just for grins, needless to say, the body count tends to increase. The rest as they say is “history.”

Speaking of history, in case you missed my first book review on Absolute Justus, here’s some background on the author. Ron Martinelli is a retired detective from the San Jose, Calif. PD. He also happens to have a PhD in Criminology, is a certified medical investigator and testifies frequently as an expert in police civil suits. While his professional creds may not seem irrelevant to his writing skills, his books are replete with accurate descriptions of the police culture, our investigative procedures, and tactics, as well as the forensics behind the crime-solving process we professionals use in closing cases. Cop or not, you’ll enjoy this read.

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TEU - Criminalist

“Retired Texas Ranger Wade Justus is in the middle of it again! While visiting the beautiful City of Florence and the equally beautiful girlfriend of his son, Carabinieri Investigator Lida Aldobrandini, international terrorists make their move to kill Italy’s President. The reader is on the street with Wade and Lida dodging bullets, in the Carabinieri briefing rooms planning their next move, and in the Chianti Wine Country following where the evidence leads them. Authentic action from the word go!

G.C. - Florence, Italy

“The plot in Ron Martinelli’s second book, “Justus for All,” really grips the reader for in one of the most beautiful and desired Italian cities as a destination for tourists from all over the world: Florence.
The events involving Wade and his son Hunter are fast-moving and thrilling as perfectly described by the CSI expert author. Ron takes us through the streets of the historic center of the Medici city. Moreover, he leads us to the discovery of one of the numerous historical palaces of Florence, Palazzo Aldobrandini del Papa, full of wonderful hidden frescoes and intrigue.
Only an accurate observer like Ron Martinelli could grasp and convey to his readers the nuances of the beauty of a city sometimes experienced too quickly by visitors. The book is dedicated to lovers of the detective genre and to those who, sooner or later, will be able to visit Italy and Florence.”
If you like an action-packed adventure worthy of Tom Clancy, this Texas Ranger and the great characters in this book are your Italian escape!”


This book was an absolute joy to read. It puts you right in the heart of Italy. It's a complete page turner. It is so hard to put down because you feel as if you're involved with the cases. Loved it!!!

View the Italian sites that inspired the scenes and location in Justus for All. See also the barn outside of Florence where the terrorists tested their IED. All pictures taken on location by author, Ron Martinelli.

  • Author Ron Martinelli
  • Format Soft Cover
  • Pages 435
  • Dimensions 6 x 0.82 x 9 inches
  • Language English

Border Justus

A Texas Ranger Series Book 3

After a grueling battle with a Syrian terrorist cell and its notorious leader, Jamal “The Jackal,” retired Texas Ranger Wade Justus has finally returned to his beloved cattle ranch in the serene Texas Hill Country. He looks forward to some well-deserved rest and relaxation, but fate has other plans in store for him.

A distressing call from his old Texas Ranger partner and mentor shatters Wade’s peaceful respite. The partner’s deputy sheriff son has been abducted by the ruthless Tres Paises drug cartel, which operates between Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico. Wade’s expertise and bravery are urgently needed, and he cannot refuse his friend’s plea for help.

Join Wade Justus on his next thrilling adventure as he once again steps up to serve justice in the face of danger. Border Justus promises to be a hair-raising and action-packed tale of courage and determination.

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Grady Harp - Los Angeles, CA

Texas author Ron Martinelli, PhD has served in a highly regard career as a police officer, investigator, director of Criminal Justice Training Center, educator, leader of the Forensic Death Investigations Team, and continues this Texas Ranger Wade Justus Series with BORDER JUSTUS. He is highly qualified to write about the Border problems along the Texas and New Mexico borders with Mexico, and brings the realities into focus of immigration, crime, drug cartels and other clashes so present in the media today. He invites understanding between law enforcement and criminal elements by creating his fine lead character, Texas Ranger Wade Justus, to investigate the kidnapping of a colleague’s deputy sheriff son by the drug cartel and in doing so he creates a polished story full of credible characters. The pace of the story is bullet-fast and once again the author proves his merit as a skillful craftsman. Very contemporary in impact!

S. J. Main - Canada

'Border Justus' is a Western fiction story. I wasn't a big fan of the book cover, but altogether the story was interesting and intriguing to read. The pace of the story was fast, and the descriptive tale of events was eventful. I recommend this book.

Jhonny - Oakland, CA

I loved Border Justus. It has everything readers will enjoy, from action packed adventure, to political intrigue that the author skillfully weaves from today's real life headlines. Retired Texas Ranger, Wade Justus, is called upon yet again to save the day, as he and his friends take on the Mexican transnational drug cartels who are wreaking such havoc and destruction in America today. Looking forward to the next Wade Justus book, as heroism never gets old.

Pictures taken by author, Ron Martinelli, on location at the various sites that inspired the scenes in the Wade Justus novels.