Grady Harp

Author: Ron Martinelli

Texas author Ron Martinelli, PhD has served in a highly regard career as a police officer, investigator, director of Criminal Justice Training Center, educator, leader of the Forensic Death Investigations Team, and continues this Texas Ranger Wade Justus Series with BORDER JUSTUS. He is highly qualified to write about the Border problems along the Texas and New Mexico borders with Mexico, and brings the realities into focus of immigration, crime, drug cartels and other clashes so present in the media today. He invites understanding between law enforcement and criminal elements by creating his fine lead character, Texas Ranger Wade Justus, to investigate the kidnapping of a colleague’s deputy sheriff son by the drug cartel and in doing so he creates a polished story full of credible characters. The pace of the story is bullet-fast and once again the author proves his merit as a skillful craftsman. Very contemporary in impact!