Author: Ron Martinelli

Author Ron Martinelli, America’s new “Joe Wambaugh” of law enforcement mystery action thrillers, has hit it out of the park with his newest novel on the Wade Justus Texas Ranger series, “Border Justus.” This is Ron’s newest novel about retired Texas Ranger Wade Justus and so far his best one yet as he cleverly takes you into the “belly of the beast” of Mexican transnational drug and human smuggling cartels. The accuracy and realism of Ron’s fictional storylines speaks columns about Ron’s decades of experience as a retired police detective and now a well known forensic criminologist. This accurate portrayal of the deadly cartels woven into a believable fictional story involving Wade and a whole host of new and intriguing support characters is so exciting and action-packed that I couldn’t put it down. Kudos, Ron. I’m ready for my next Wade Justus ride!