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What People Say

Absolute Justus – “Chillingly accurate in its descriptions: Real crime, real police work. A great introduction to retired Texas Ranger Wade Justus, the reader is part of the team as they hunt for a serial killer in Nashville.” 

TEU, Criminalist

Absolute Justus – “Set aside your entire day because you won’t be able to put this book down! Ron Martinelli has created a modern day “Walker, Texas Ranger.”  Ranger Wade Justus retires after a great career and we find him enjoying life on his ranch. The reader is given a glimpse of his past life and then it is on to new adventures. He visits his son, who is an active law enforcement officer, and the hunt is on for a serial killer. If you are in law enforcement, this book is technically accurate and takes you through the twists and turns of a serial homicide case. You actually feel like you’re in Nashville working a murder case. Should be a movie. Five thumbs up!”

BP- Retired Homicide Detective

Absolute Justus –Jack Reacher, stand back cause a real investigator Texas Ranger Wade Justus is “on the job” in this excellent and highly accurate introduction to retired detective and CSI expert Ron Martinelli’s new fiction series “Wade Justus Texas Ranger.” Ron puts you square in the middle of downtown Nashville’s entertainment zone hunting down a very intelligent and violent serial killer. The reader is sucked up in the drama, with Wade, his son TBI Special Agent Hunter, the TBI Forensics Unit and members of the Metro Nashville Homicide Unit work against the clock to bring the killer to justice. This is real, no “BS” police work. You are at TBI working the evidence; in the Homicide Unit conference room; in the M.E’s lab, and with the special units all through the book. One hell of a chilling, thrilling, door-kicking ride! 5-Stars! 

D.K, Ret. CSI Supervisor

Justus for All “Retired Texas Ranger Wade Justus is in the middle of it again! While visiting the beautiful City of Florence and the equally beautiful girlfriend of his son, Carabinieri Investigator Lida Aldobrandini, international terrorists make their move to kill Italy’s President. The reader is on the street with Wade and Lida dodging bullets, in the Carabinieri briefing rooms planning their next move, and  in the Chianti Wine Country following where the evidence leads them. Authentic action from the word go!

TEU, Criminalist

Justus for All – “The plot in Ron Martinelli’s second book, “Justus for All,” really grips the reader for in one of the most beautiful and desired Italian cities as a destination for tourists from all over the world: Florence.

The events involving Wade and his son Hunter are fast-moving and thrilling as perfectly described by the CSI expert author. Ron takes us through the streets of the historic center of the Medici city. Moreover, he leads us to the discovery of one of the numerous historical palaces of Florence, Palazzo Aldobrandini del Papa, full of wonderful hidden frescoes and intrigue.

Only an accurate observer like Ron Martinelli could grasp and convey to his readers the nuances of the beauty of a city sometimes experienced too quickly by visitors. The book is dedicated to lovers of the detective genre and to those who, sooner or later, will be able to visit Italy and Florence.”

If you like an action-packed adventure worthy of Tom Clancy, this Texas Ranger and the great characters in this book are your Italian escape!”

G.C., Florence, Italy

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