Book #3 “Border Justus” Coming in December, 2023!

Well, Wade Justus fans, the anxiously anticipated sequel to the Wade Justus mystery thriller fiction series, “Border Justus,” is in its final editing at our new publisher, Shady Creek Publishing in Texas. We should be ready for ebook orders on Amazon-Kindle, Barnes & Noble and Apple before Christmas. Personalized/autographed paperbacks should be out by the end of December.

Introduction to Border Justus – “After his investigation with the Italian Carabinieri national police and anti-terrorism unit, culminating in a series of deadly encounters with Syrian terrorist Jamal the Jackal and his cell, retired Texas Ranger Wade Justus has been enjoying a quiet few months at his bucking bull ranch in the Texas Hill Country.

When Wade receives a desperate call for help from his former ranger partner and mentor Sheriff Matt Fremont of Gila County, NM, Wade’s life is upended once again. Wade travels to the dusty Mexican border county and becomes immediately embroiled in another investigation and life-threatening battles with the violent Tres Piaises transnational drug and human trafficking cartel.

This is Wade as you’ve never seen him before. A no-holds barred, fight to the death war against the cartel to save family and his country from a deadly organization seeking to take over Gila County to establish supremacy foothold in the American Southwest. Wade won’t stop at anything less than justice. This time it’s Border Justus.”

Published by Ron Martinelli

Author of the Wade Justus mystery thriller book series. Forensic Criminologist, death investigator, retired police detective, rancher/stock contractor and Amazon Best-Selling Author.

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