Welcome to the Wade Justus site

Thank you for viewing my new site dedicated to the Texas Ranger Wade Justus book series. I have created this site to give you, the reader, behind the scenes look at Wade Justus and the inspiration for his exciting adventures in the world of crime and terrorism. The first two books in the Wade Justus series, Absolute Justus and Justus for All, are available for pre-order on the home page.

I will use the blog posts here to provide updates when books are available as well as any other information you might want to know about. You can read more about me, the author, on my About the Author page. View the gallery page for pictures that I took on location at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations and the local clubs in Nashville which inspired me to include those in the novel, Absolute Justus and the pictures I took while traveling through Florence, Italy, which inspired the locations in the novel, Justus for All. Also, please subscribe to our email list for updates on the next books in the series, which are already in the works.

Published by Ron Martinelli

Author of the Wade Justus mystery thriller book series. Forensic Criminologist, death investigator, retired police detective, rancher/stock contractor and Amazon Best-Selling Author.

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